Track & Field Bluetooth Jump Pad – Raspberry PI and RetroPi

Konami Track and field was one of my favorite arcade games at a time when arcade games were popular.   Thanks to Raspberry PI and Retro Pi we can now play all our favorite game of the past.


 But, Some games were unique because the gameplay took advantage of an arcade interface. This game original console interface just can’t be emulated on a keyboard or joystick configuration. I thought it would be neat to take this game interface one step further and make an actual stomp pad interface.




This is the arcade button layout the goal of the game was to tap between the two buttons as fast as possible to make your character run fast


Because the game responded to repeatedly pressing the “run” buttons at high frequency, players of the arcade version resorted to various tricks such as rapidly swiping a coin or ping-pong ball over the buttons, or using a metal ruler which was repeated struck such that it would vibrate and press the buttons. As a result, arcade operators reported high rates of damage to the buttons and later versions had modifications to prevent such actions.[






I used a raspberry pi zero w.    Note Recall Box doesn’t work with raspberry pi zero.


Hardware for stomp pad controller.


Here is the default switch-to-key mapping:

  • #0 – Up Arrow
  • #1 – Down Arrow
  • #2 – Left Arrow
  • #3 – Right Arrow
  • #4 – Return
  • #5 – Space
  • #6 – the number ‘1’
  • #7 – the number ‘2’
  • #8 – lowercase ‘w’
  • #9 – lowercase ‘a’
  • #10 – lowercase ‘s’
  • #11 – lowercase ‘d’

Fritzing Bill of Materials

Shopping List

Amount Part Type Properties
1 Lithium Ion Polymer Battery 3.7v 1200mAh  1200mAh; part # 258
1 Adafruit Bluefruit EZ-KEY  part # Adafruit #1535
1 Micro Lipo Charger  
6 Momentary Switch  

Setting up the game Keys to respond


the keyboard is normal in the emulator. 

ESC to clear the current entry of if you make a mistake on entry.

on input 





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