Designing, building and creating is a life-long passion of mine. Discovering this, as a youth my dream was to be an inventor, so I pursued a degree in Industrial Design. Over the years I have practiced in several different fields ranging from toys, movies, physical and computer games.

A recurring theme in my work is my interpretation and gamification of science, nature, and history into learning material apportioned in a fun and engaging way. An exemplary sample of my work, I am a published artist and writer of a children’s book that teaches kids about astronomy and our solar system. I thrive best as an initiator of new projects and handle the ambiguity of starting with an idea and turning it into a product in various media formats ranging from children’s toys, computer games, or books. I’m dedicated to connecting with kids and helping them learn while having fun.  

I’ve dedicated my career to building playful learning and educational experiences starting with companies such as LeapFrog and more recently with Zynga  (early pioneers in the social gaming industry).

My primary vocation has been in Computer Science where I have operated participating and managing full stack projects. In recent years I have been exploring distributed computing and interactive physical art as a hobbyist. Application of the IoT movement to my game design skill set as the goal of these various works in hopes to transition from the computer screen to more physically interactive environments.

I have worked in multidisciplinary teams. I am a goal driven with the ambition to see my project through whether this manifests as driving a forklift or programming in C language. 

Odd Fact:  Long time hero of mine has been  George Washington Carver  Inventor of over 300 uses for peanuts,   but not peanut butter.