Recent Works

A collection of recent works consisting of both personal and professional projects.

  • SkyCycle - VR game with exercise bike controller

    Sky Cycle is a VR racing game where your pedaling propels you through the friendly skies! Tilt your head to navigate through skill-based obstacle courses. Can you beat your high score? Try VR racing today!


  • Qucik Draw VR Shooting Gallery - Arduino Toy Gun Respomsove VR Controller

    The game was to recreate the classic penny arcade shooters.  With the challenge of converting a toy gun for the mobile VR experience.   Using Bluetooth to communicate from the gun to the phone and use a 9-DOF sensor and turn the sensor data into something a Unity3d game can understand.


  • Floating Art Installation - Tree House

    In 2015 we created Drift Interactive Art Installation that was a floating platform commissioned and built for Symbiosis.


  • Floating Art Installation - The Atoll

    We returned in 2016 to build as where participants can enjoy a floating art installation that engages visually, through sound and interactive features.


  • Water Park Play Area - Proposal

    Goal is to set up 60 feet plus of water slide.   We would build a waterslide approach,  a way for users to safely reach the top of a slide.